knightlyman (knightlyman) wrote in mightyslayer,

hello i just joined!

im 28 been playing warhammer 40k for 9 o 10 years now. looking to meet new friends, to talk shop with. i have a unbeatable eldar craft world ranger army, no realy no one in over a year has been able to last past turn 3 with me. it took me a long time to get it together, i use to get my buttox handed to me for the fist 5 years i played, well not realy but mostly. i have a high elf army i play too, but im mostly a fan of 40k. other armys i have are
tau,necrons,space wolfs,blood angels,all eldar and craft worlds white scars. for warhammer i just have the high elfs and empire. armys i had but got rid of are dark eldar,dark elfs,dwarfs.
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