knightlyman (knightlyman) wrote in mightyslayer,

hello i just joined!

im 28 been playing warhammer 40k for 9 o 10 years now. looking to meet new friends, to talk shop with. i have a unbeatable eldar craft world ranger army, no realy no one in over a year has been able to last past turn 3 with me. it took me a long time to get it together, i use to get my buttox handed to me for the fist 5 years i played, well not realy but mostly. i have a high elf army i play too, but im mostly a fan of 40k. other armys i have are
tau,necrons,space wolfs,blood angels,all eldar and craft worlds white scars. for warhammer i just have the high elfs and empire. armys i had but got rid of are dark eldar,dark elfs,dwarfs.
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hi there. I just joined as well

it took me a long time to get it together, i use to get my buttox handed to me for the fist 5 years i played, well not realy but mostly

It happens to everyone. Trust me on this.
welcome, sorry im not online every day so i dont always respont verry fast. ya i had to learn my lesson the hard way. back then the eldar were not a easy race to play, nor verry cheep. but i only use that army now if someone needs to be taken down a noch or two. ya its gotten the nickname the supream cheez-dar army. so how long have you been playing and what armys do you have?
Eldar?! I hate eldar!! They hurt! I've never defeated them Dark Eldar yes. Eldar no. I've drawn but never won. Wraithlords hurt more. But that was before I got some heavy support, *evil grin*
its funny, i own two wrathlords but yet i never use them. i play alotoc, the eldar sniper army i have 22 rangers 5 path finders so thats 36" range and backing them up i have 10 dark reapers 48" range with 3 wave serpents with twin bright lances 36" range and in the serpents i have a unit of strikeing scorps and howling banshees and a realy nasty unit of fire dragons. thay made a name for them selfs at my local g.w. thay whiped out a all tank army of I.G. the guy had 11 tanks and the fire dragons took out 9 all by them selfs. and i won the terny and got a 250$ g.c. and a t-shirt with my name on it. oh and the army is lead by a avatar! its soooooo nasty that no one wants to play it, so i built a tau and a necron armys so that i can play. i only use my nasty eldar when some one needs to be taken down a peg or two.
what army do you have , sence im a eldar and dark eldar player (just got rid of my dark eldar, i had too many armys) i can give you some hints and tips to beat them. as in assault toops and rino's rember eldar break easly if you can just hit them and eldar dont like close combat!