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Hi, my brother is looking to sell the following items to anyone who is willing to pay the price. he can ship OS (we are in the UK) for a small price but the money has to be paid direct into his account or something blah blah. contact me @ if you would like further information.

I Have the following:

Dark Angels:

5 Dark Angel Terminators - Deathwing squad (painted)
5 Dark Angel Terminators - Deathwing squad (unpainted mint condition)
5 Terminators (mixed bag - unpainted)
1 Whirlwind Tank (painted)
1 Dreadnought (painted)
5 Scouts with combat weapons (painted)
5 Scouts with needle sniper rifles/ 1 has heavy bolter (unpainted - Mint condition)
6 Raven wing bikers - commander and special weapon included (painted)
1 Raven wing Chaplain (painted)
1 Raven wing Attack bike (painted)
2 Raven wing Landspeeders (painted) - these are the origional Ravenwing not the plastics

Character models:

Asmodai - Dark Angels Chaplain (painted)
Ezekial - Dark Angels Librarian (painted)
Brother Bethor - Dark Angels Standard bearer (painted)
Medic (painted)
Techmarine (painted)
Grandmaster Azreal - Master of Dark Angels Chapter (unpainted)
With Helmet bearer (painted)

All paintings are done to a very high standard. I spent 6 hours on each deathwing Terminator and i spent more than 10 hours on each of the following: Whirlwind, Dreadnought and each landspeeder. The characters took another 8 hours each.

At retail value you have over �250's worth of (mostly excellently painted)models, im asking �100 only and you can have another landspeeder (plastic - painted) and the Codex Dark Angels free.

(i can assure you, when he says very well painted he means it. my brother spent his entire teenage life with his figures. he is very passionate about Warhammer, and is eager to see them go to the right people.)

please contact me, Charlotte at the e-mail address i provided earlier, with the subject header *figures*

thanks for your time
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