m0swald (m0swald) wrote in mightyslayer,

The Emperor's Wrath

In a thousand point game, 6 Blood Angel assault terminators piling out of a land raider is possibly the most frightening thing I've ever seen.

Good thing they were mine. ;)

Super-Tyrant and Friends never saw it coming. See, we play every tuesday nights, and it's a real friendly atmosphere. We trust each other not to cheat, it's all in fun. So rarely does anyone check anyone else's list, and besides, in a thousand point game, who's going to expect me to spend over five-hundred points on what amounts to a single unit? Mua ha ha.

The termies sliced up Ol' One-Eye and Super Tyrant easily, losing only 2. (Blood Angels go simultaneously with Super Tyrant when they charge, and not even Tyranid monstrous creatures can penetrate Tactical Dreadnought Armor easily. I made a 5+ invulnerable save.)

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