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Last Chancers II - Kill Team

I've just read Kill Team, so I thought I'd make up rules for the team as an alternative 'suicide force'.

Follow the rules for Last Chancers Suicide Force except where changed below. These can be found in Chapter Approved page 112 (I've forgotten which White Dwarf they were in originally).

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Squad: The team consists of Inquisitor Oriel, Brother Dionis, Colonel Schaeffer and 6 Last Chancers described below

Standard Equipment: All models have a laspistol or autopistol, frag and krak grenades.

Inquisitor Oriel
Equipment: Two Bolt pistols, Rosarius (save included in profile already). Special: Gunfighter: Oriel fires both pistols, counting as linked - may reroll misses.
Brother Dionis - Deathwatch
Equipment: Bolter, Power weapon. Special: Deep Strike: Dionis always starts in reserve and arrives using Deep Strike rules. Dionis may only be deployed if Oriel is still alive and on the table.
Colonel Schaeffer
As in Chapter Approved.
'Last Chance' - Lieutenant Kage
Equipment: Kage uses whatever he can get his hands on - choose one of: Autogun, Lasgun, Shotgun, Bolter, Tau Pulse Rifle. Special: Psycho: Due to his lightning fast reactions, Kage has a 4+ invulnerable save, doubles his initiative and has +1 attack.
'Demolition Man' - Trost
As in Chapter Approved.
'Hero' - Moerck
As in Chapter Approved.
'Brains' - Quidlon
Equipment: Lasgun, scanner. Special: While Brains is alive, one member of the team may reroll one to hit roll each turn.
'Sharpshooter' - Stradinsk
Equipment: Sniper Rifle Special: Marksman: Sharpshooter may pick out any model as a target. Unsure: Sharpshooter must pass a Ld test before she can make her first shot of the game. Once she has passed a test she will carry on shooting.
'Flyboy' - Strelli
Counts as 'Grease Monkey' as in Chapter Approved.

Transport: The team may be given one of the following transport vehicles: Chimera, Rhino, Ork Trukk, Tau Devilfish. The vehicle will be driven by Flyboy, so has BS 3. It may have options from the appropriate list entry, but may not have any vehicle upgrades.

Points value: Since they are intended for use as Suicide Force, the points value is pretty irrelevant, and I haven't been able to do any playtesting yet anyway. Let me know what you think.

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