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  2005.04.09  11.37
40k army for sale

I am trying to sell my 40K chaos army on Ebay. It is fully painted and probably over 4000 points. I need to sell it ASAP.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want more pictures.


  2005.02.14  11.49
warhammer, six ogres, bulls.

i have some ogres...six bulls on ebay. they're painted really well and they're pretty cheap.
Item number: 6511303906


  2004.01.03  19.34



  2004.01.01  18.05
Wood Elves

Do any of you know or heard when the Wood Elves rule book is coming out?


  2003.12.17  09.13
40K sale!

Hey, everyone - I unfortunately have to sell my old (I started playing in the late '80s with the Rogue Trader rules) Warhammer 40K stuff.

Please check it out.


  2003.10.03  22.06
The end is nigh....

I got Fire Warrior for PS2 the other day. It is pretty damn good!...anyone else got it?....comments?

Im currently about to plant an explosive on the Imperial Titan's head, to stop Chaos taking it for a joy ride.

so far I have encountered >>>

Raptors chapter Space Marines
Imperial Guard storm troopers and various other guardsmen
Those flying tech Skulls (that i cant remember the name of)

Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Servitors
Chaos Terminators
Chaos Dreadnought
Flying chaos tech skulls (which i still cant remember the name of)
Chaos Raptors with Jump packs
Chaos space marine Necromancers
Chaos Tainted Imperial Guard

cant wait to see if anything else turns up :D

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  2003.05.22  19.04
Time for some Live action.

Mood: contemplative

  2003.04.24  22.52
Hello everyone!

Hi, I just joined and would like to introduce myself. Im 17 and cant really call myself a warhammer player as I only own one miniature currently, but Im in the process of building a slaanesh based chaos army.


  2003.03.27  09.32

I just joined this group yesterday.
My name is Richard Shaw. I am 17 years old. I am a Blood Angel player who has been playing 40K for around 5-6 years, so I guess I'm a veteran. I'm also into necromunda, inquisitor, battlefleet gothic and lotr. I am also a collector of GW memorabelia. I enjoy writing scenarios and fiction based on the 40K universe and also historical non-fictional actions.

My Blood Angel army is around 2000pts. Here is a list of a typical selection for a battle:
1x 10-man Command Squad + Rhino
1x Chaplain+ D3+3 Death Company
3x 10-man Tactical Squads
1x 5-man Scout Squad
1x Landspeeder
1x 5-man Assault Squad
Heavy Support:
1x Dreadnought
1x Devastator Squad
1x Baal-Class Predator.

Bye for now!


  2003.02.11  10.26
wanna buy tau or necrons,space wolfs or blood angels?

all tau and necrons are verry nicely painted. space wolfs are half and half. blood angles are just blood red and need light work, as in, weapons and details done. when i post them on e-bay ill ask for more, but for now i just need to make room, i own too much and just want to get rid of them. call if your in the dalecity or woodbridge Va area. armys are too large to post, but you can e-mail me or call and ill give you a list of what i own. no photos of them on line as of yet. thanks.



  2003.01.24  15.00
hello i just joined!

im 28 been playing warhammer 40k for 9 o 10 years now. looking to meet new friends, to talk shop with. i have a unbeatable eldar craft world ranger army, no realy no one in over a year has been able to last past turn 3 with me. it took me a long time to get it together, i use to get my buttox handed to me for the fist 5 years i played, well not realy but mostly. i have a high elf army i play too, but im mostly a fan of 40k. other armys i have are
tau,necrons,space wolfs,blood angels,all eldar and craft worlds white scars. for warhammer i just have the high elfs and empire. armys i had but got rid of are dark eldar,dark elfs,dwarfs.


  2002.07.29  15.14
Curious Pastimes

Anyone here involved with Curious Pastimes events??
Its not a table top battle...its for real...it ain't planned or rehearced....its a 5 day fantasy role play event with intense battles throughout.
Im off to Renewal this year to slay some smelly greenskins....

anyway...check out some stuff with the links here >>> http://www.personal.u-net.com/~curious/leylines.htm

...this is the amy im part of >>> http://www.fir-cruthen.demon.co.uk/
getting armour and stuff from here >>> www.eldritch.com
and here >>> http://www.loczero.com

cant wait...just three weeks till pure war and drink.

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  2002.03.02  16.16

Hi, my brother is looking to sell the following items to anyone who is willing to pay the price. he can ship OS (we are in the UK) for a small price but the money has to be paid direct into his account or something blah blah. contact me @

Goffickcoladrink@aol.com if you would like further information.

I Have the following:

Dark Angels:

5 Dark Angel Terminators - Deathwing squad (painted)
5 Dark Angel Terminators - Deathwing squad (unpainted mint condition)
5 Terminators (mixed bag - unpainted)
1 Whirlwind Tank (painted)
1 Dreadnought (painted)
5 Scouts with combat weapons (painted)
5 Scouts with needle sniper rifles/ 1 has heavy bolter (unpainted - Mint condition)
6 Raven wing bikers - commander and special weapon included (painted)
1 Raven wing Chaplain (painted)
1 Raven wing Attack bike (painted)
2 Raven wing Landspeeders (painted) - these are the origional Ravenwing not the plastics

Character models:

Asmodai - Dark Angels Chaplain (painted)
Ezekial - Dark Angels Librarian (painted)
Brother Bethor - Dark Angels Standard bearer (painted)
Medic (painted)
Techmarine (painted)
Grandmaster Azreal - Master of Dark Angels Chapter (unpainted)
With Helmet bearer (painted)

All paintings are done to a very high standard. I spent 6 hours on each deathwing Terminator and i spent more than 10 hours on each of the following: Whirlwind, Dreadnought and each landspeeder. The characters took another 8 hours each.

At retail value you have over �250's worth of (mostly excellently painted)models, im asking �100 only and you can have another landspeeder (plastic - painted) and the Codex Dark Angels free.

(i can assure you, when he says very well painted he means it. my brother spent his entire teenage life with his figures. he is very passionate about Warhammer, and is eager to see them go to the right people.)

please contact me, Charlotte at the e-mail address i provided earlier, with the subject header *figures*

thanks for your time

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  2002.02.13  11.58
The Emperor's Wrath

In a thousand point game, 6 Blood Angel assault terminators piling out of a land raider is possibly the most frightening thing I've ever seen.

Good thing they were mine. ;)

Super-Tyrant and Friends never saw it coming. See, we play every tuesday nights, and it's a real friendly atmosphere. We trust each other not to cheat, it's all in fun. So rarely does anyone check anyone else's list, and besides, in a thousand point game, who's going to expect me to spend over five-hundred points on what amounts to a single unit? Mua ha ha.

The termies sliced up Ol' One-Eye and Super Tyrant easily, losing only 2. (Blood Angels go simultaneously with Super Tyrant when they charge, and not even Tyranid monstrous creatures can penetrate Tactical Dreadnought Armor easily. I made a 5+ invulnerable save.)


  2002.01.29  23.10
Come see...

plenty more at...
Fan Art Universe

Mood: artistic

  2001.11.16  15.38
Last Chancers II - Kill Team

I've just read Kill Team, so I thought I'd make up rules for the team as an alternative 'suicide force'.

Follow the rules for Last Chancers Suicide Force except where changed below. These can be found in Chapter Approved page 112 (I've forgotten which White Dwarf they were in originally).

Last Chancers343313185+

Squad: The team consists of Inquisitor Oriel, Brother Dionis, Colonel Schaeffer and 6 Last Chancers described below

Standard Equipment: All models have a laspistol or autopistol, frag and krak grenades.

Inquisitor Oriel
Equipment: Two Bolt pistols, Rosarius (save included in profile already). Special: Gunfighter: Oriel fires both pistols, counting as linked - may reroll misses.
Brother Dionis - Deathwatch
Equipment: Bolter, Power weapon. Special: Deep Strike: Dionis always starts in reserve and arrives using Deep Strike rules. Dionis may only be deployed if Oriel is still alive and on the table.
Colonel Schaeffer
As in Chapter Approved.
'Last Chance' - Lieutenant Kage
Equipment: Kage uses whatever he can get his hands on - choose one of: Autogun, Lasgun, Shotgun, Bolter, Tau Pulse Rifle. Special: Psycho: Due to his lightning fast reactions, Kage has a 4+ invulnerable save, doubles his initiative and has +1 attack.
'Demolition Man' - Trost
As in Chapter Approved.
'Hero' - Moerck
As in Chapter Approved.
'Brains' - Quidlon
Equipment: Lasgun, scanner. Special: While Brains is alive, one member of the team may reroll one to hit roll each turn.
'Sharpshooter' - Stradinsk
Equipment: Sniper Rifle Special: Marksman: Sharpshooter may pick out any model as a target. Unsure: Sharpshooter must pass a Ld test before she can make her first shot of the game. Once she has passed a test she will carry on shooting.
'Flyboy' - Strelli
Counts as 'Grease Monkey' as in Chapter Approved.

Transport: The team may be given one of the following transport vehicles: Chimera, Rhino, Ork Trukk, Tau Devilfish. The vehicle will be driven by Flyboy, so has BS 3. It may have options from the appropriate list entry, but may not have any vehicle upgrades.

Points value: Since they are intended for use as Suicide Force, the points value is pretty irrelevant, and I haven't been able to do any playtesting yet anyway. Let me know what you think.


  2001.10.28  19.49

I like having the BEST ARMY. I enjoyed my first game against the Tau. They're an interesting army. They certainly did a good job of moving down my guardsmen. However, they were wiped out when the battle cannon was brought to bear. The lascannon teams took out their Battle suits, which are the only things I've seen them use that are a threat to vehiciles. The flamers worked well on the Kroot and the heavy bolters and autocannon work well against the infantry.


  2001.10.19  17.36

i am looking for information on the Raven Guard space marine chapter; history, specialties, special units etc, so i can make a sucessor chapter. anyone able to help me out?


  2001.09.27  15.40
Hey Guys!

Played in a Warhammer tourney last weekend with my Bretonnian army. Made off with Best Sportsman and the Timber award, for having my Duke squashed by the body of a giant he had killed.


  2001.09.18  21.58
Collection compleat...

I just got the new Gotrek and Felix novel 'Vampire slayer'...that means i have the whole slayer set now....

Mood: busy

  2001.08.23  20.07

Wow, after having just renewed my White Dwarf subscription, I am now up to 49 Skulz on my collectors card!

Mood: excited

  2001.08.17  19.57

Wow, I just got the new Kal Jerico and Scabbs miniatures in the post, and I have to say they are gorgeous :-) I'll put up some piccies when I have painted them.

Mood: excited

  2001.08.17  09.45
Me thinks about Guard

My gaming club is starting a new WH40k league next week. I've been wondering about what army to use but decided to stick with the Guard, since I don't have many Sisters painted yet. Anyway for a new challenge I've decided to go for an all-infantry army.

I did some preliminary working out of roughly what I can take. We're only playing 1000 points, which I think gets me - Command HQ plus 2 heavy weapons squads, 2 Infantry platoons with 3 squads each. And, er, thats it! Well I might squeeze a Commissar in.

Comments anyone?

Mood: curious

  2001.08.09  15.07

Do you think combi-weapons are worth it? You have to pay quite a few points to get a one-shot special weapon. On the other hand most of them are shorter range so you would have to save the shots until you got into range anyway.

(I'm asking this because I'm thinking about whether to give them to my Sisters of Battle - particularly the command squad, who could have several if I'm feeling particularly nasty.)


  2001.08.09  01.52
Curiosity ...

I was just having a think about all the Ultramarines i know i have, and it dawned on me i have quite a lot .... can someone give me an approx. points total for this lot:

1 Ultramarine Captain
1 Land Raider MK3
8 x 5 man Tactical Squads
1 Devastator Squad
1 Terminator Squad

It's been that long since I played the game, i forgot how much stuff i had ... and how the points system works ...

Mood: curious

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